Leveraging Mainframe Data with Hadoop


Cloudera, Connectivity, Hadoop, Hadoop ETL, Mainframe
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    Syncsort and Cloudera
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  • published:

    October 2013

Learn how to bridge the gap between Big Iron & Big Data

Get expert advice from Syncsort & Cloudera on overcoming the top technical, skill & cost challenges of processing Mainframe data in Hadoop

Your mainframe powers mission-critical applications throughout the enterprise - collecting, generating and processing tons of corporate data. You know you can’t afford to neglect this critical data, but there’s no easy way to exploit it ... until now!

Together with Cloudera, Syncsort brings decades of mainframe expertise to Hadoop, providing a painless and seamless approach to exploit all your data, including mainframe. Because, after all, mainframe data is Big Data too!

In this webcast, subject matter experts from Syncsort and Cloudera discuss the top technical, skill and cost challenges of ingesting and processing mainframe data in Hadoop -- and how to solve them!

Topics include:
  • Mainframe to Hadoop connectivity.  How to read files directly from mainframe & load them into HDFS
  • Data translation. How to understand & translate mainframe data into a Hadoop-friendly format.
  • Data processing. How to easily develop & deploy common data flows with mainframe data in Hadoop.
  • Deployment and administration. How to deploy, administer and monitor your Hadoop environment with Cloudera Manager.

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