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Solution Sheet

Trillium Rapid Data Cleanse

To address the business need to develop an understanding of the data challenges and to build consensus around taking action, Trillium offers the Rapid Data Cleanse (RDC) as part of our Rapid Data Quality Suite for CRM. The RDC provides a high value, light touch method of speedily improving the customer addresses in your CRM data Then it identifies the number of duplicates that are in your current system. The RDC enriches that data to provide insight as to why they are identified as duplicates. As with the RDA, delivery time is accelerated – within 10 days or less.

Trillium recognizes that the information a company holds within its CRM system represents one of its most valuable assets for growth. The Rapid Data Cleanse program means that you do not need to handicap your CRM efforts, whether you are planning a new CRM deployment, an upgrade, or looking to increase the performance of a current implementation. Whatever the nature of your CRM project, you can ensure that your end-users benefit from complete, up-to-date customer data.