Marketing Cookie wrote!
Marketing Cookie wrote!
Syncsort Big Data Solutions: Bridging Gap of Big Iron & Big Data
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Bridging the Gap Between Big Iron and Big Data

Learn how to quickly and easily offload mainframe data and batch processing to Hadoop

This eBook will show you how to overcome the four biggest, baddest challenges of leveraging mainframe data, and enable you to offload costly batch workloads from the mainframe into today’s Big Data analytic platform of choice: Hadoop.

Learn how to identify the most critical gaps at your organization, and get tips and best practices to bridge the gap between Big Iron and Big Data — and, in the process, achieve massive data scalability on Hadoop!

Discover how to:

  • Solve the Integration Gap.  Hadoop doesn't have native mainframe support. So you're on your own to access, translate & transfer that data into Hadoop.
  • Bridge the Expertise Gap.  Both mainframe & Hadoop skills are in demand -- good luck finding someone with both.
  • Mind the Security Gap.  Mainframes manage your most sensitive corporate data. If you can't ensure the secure access, processing & distribution of that data, your Hadoop project won't see the light of day.
  • Reduce the Cost Gap.  Will you spend expensive mainframe CPU cycles to access the data you're loading into Hadoop?  If so, what's the point?   

Avoid these potential pitfalls with our best practices and helpful tips for leveraging mainframe data with Hadoop!