Marketing Cookie wrote!
Marketing Cookie wrote!
Syncsort Big Data Solutions: Education Webcast – Fall 2014
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Syncsort Education Webcast – Fall 2014

Learn about important features & capabilities of DMX and DMX-h rolled out during Summer 2014!

Syncsort product experts review key features & capabilities from the latest DMX and DMX-h release, including:

  • New Data Transformation Language (DTL) – A human readable syntax specifically designed to automatically deploy dynamic, metadata-driven data transformations with or without Hadoop. DTL makes the fastest, most efficient ETL engine consumable via a programmatic interface.
  • Full Tableau Integration – Syncsort takes you all the way from data integration to data discovery and visualization. Create Tableau data extracts (TDEs) in seconds directly from DMX and DMX-h.
  • Even Faster, More Secure Connectivity – from Big Iron to Big Data and everything in between!
    • Fastest Vertica data loads.
    • Hive connectivity & HCatalog integration for your Big Data
    • Social data access.
    • Secure mainframe access.