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Syncsort Zen Trace & Solve | Resolve SNA and IP problems
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Syncsort Zen Trace & Solve

Intelligent network analysis with faster problem resolution


Specifically designed to minimize the disruption of business operations

Resolve problems in SNA and IP network traffic!

Syncsort Zen Trace & Resolve provides an easy, fast, accurate, and secure method of locating and resolving problems in both SNA and IP network traffic.

Enables z/OS network or application traces to be taken and analyzed

Resolve problems fast, with ease!

Resolve problems fast, with ease

A trace can be the surest way to isolate a problem caused by a z/OS network or application service interruption, but most tracing tools are very time-consuming. They impose significant system overhead and are difficult to interpret without specialized knowledge. This makes the process of running traces a last-resort proposition.

As networking environments become more complex, more issues arise because the higher resolution may potentially involve the capture and examination of multiple traces, making this ‘last resort’ tactic almost unavoidable.

As the next-generation trace and analysis, Syncsort Zen Trace & Solve enables companies to ensure the highest levels of service to their customers.

Easy, fast, accurate and secure

Syncsort Zen Trace & Solve Features


  • Simple menu-driven system for on-line trace definition, management, and control.
  • Simultaneous capture of multiple IP (v4 and v6) and SNA traces across multiple systems.
  • Ability to browse a trace during capture.
  • Easily navigable displays provide high- and low-level trace data views.
  • Automatic annotation of data flows use simple terminology and explanations.
  • Recognition of IPsec traffic and IPsec authentication header structure.
  • Minimal trace records captured using Wrap Mode -- essential when tracing intermittent problems.
  • Simple and advanced search capabilities for quick location of all types of data.
Zen Trace & Solve Features

Accelerate problem identification on z/OS

Syncsort Zen Trace & Resolve Benefits

Zen Trace & Resolve Benefits
  • Accelerates problem identification on z/OS networks and applications.
  • Saves time and money by reducing the impact of an outage.
  • Built-in Expert System frees up resource expertise.
  • Simplifies network and application problem diagnosis.
  • Supports tracing across the Sysplex.
  • Provides consistency in reviewing all trace types.
  • Requires no high-level of tracing expertise to diagnose and solve issues.
  • Offers a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Turns a network trace from a utility of last resort into a first-level diagnostic tool.

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