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Syncsort Zen OSA Monitor | Open Systems Adaptor management
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Syncsort Zen OSA Monitor

Defending network availability with OSA analytics


A comprehensive view of all OSA data

No Blindspots!!

The Syncsort Zen Open Systems Adaptor (OSA) Monitor can provide comprehensive insights into the performance of your OSA at any given point in time.

A single, easy-to-use yet powerful browser-based interface

Expertly engineered

Expertly engineered

With it's grasp of the multifaceted nature of the OSA, this monitor takes a ‘deep-dive’ approach to data-gathering by immediately detecting state changes, congestion, and queue depth issues, along with several other pointers that cannot be detected by IP Monitors alone, any of which can indicate an impending problem.

As the only dedicated OSA monitor available in the market, the Syncsort Zen OSA Monitor is an essential complement to an IP monitor.

OSAs support high-speed (up to 10 gigabits per second) connectivity between z System mainframes and other computing platforms, which involve open systems networks that use an IP network for data transfers.

All communications with the mainframe are dependent on the OSAs.

Quick, complete, user-friendly picture of OSA performance

Syncsort Zen OSA Monitoring Features


  • Quick start-up with minimal configuration. (No special hardware or additional software required).
  • Automatically detects accessible OSAs.
  • Easy to use with outstanding data presentation.
  • Automates and integrates with other industry tools.
  • Uses minimal CPU cycles.
  • Fully configurable alert monitoring.
  • Includes exceptional customer support, and comprehensive product Help with detailed descriptions for all fields.
Zen OSA Monitoring Features

Maintain service levels with intelligent monitoring

Syncsort Zen OSA Monitoring Benefits

Zen OSA Monitoring Benefits
  • Reporting and historical-trend analysis to correct poor performance and plan future expansion.
  • Simplified monitoring with a browser-based interface that can integrate with other Syncsort Zen components.
  • Maximizes return on network investment.
  • Lower costs from system outages.

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