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Syncsort Zen Linux Monitor | Mainframe management for Linux
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Syncsort Zen Linux Monitor

Monitor ALL your Linux Servers


Monitor, alert, report on z/OS and Linux system activity

Ensure workloads run efficiently!

The Syncsort Zen Linux Monitor allows for easier, more efficient use of traditional mainframe diagnostic and management tools for use with Linux platforms.

The Syncsort Zen Linux Monitor installs a small Linux “agent” on each of the systems that require monitoring. It is then able to report performance and availability data back to Syncsort Zen on z/OS, making it possible to monitor, alert, and report on all aspects of z/OS and Linux system activity from any web browser.

A ready-made solution designed for Linux platforms

Pinpoint problems quickly!

Pinpoint problems quickly

The Syncsort Zen Linux Monitor display panels show performance data ranging from the Unix Systems Summary to the Linux Systems List, and from the Network Summary to more detailed panels such as the Linux System Detail and Linux Process List, right down to the full details for an individual process.

Supported Linux versions are Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for IBM System z and SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server for System z. Whether it’s running under z/VM, natively in an IFL, or Intel-based PC servers — Syncsort Zen Linux Monitor enables technicians to pinpoint actual or potential problems quickly.

Quick, comprehensive, user-friendly picture of Linux performance

Syncsort Zen Linux Monitoring Features


  • Additional displays show detailed metrics about CPU utilization, memory, processes, network resources, and traffic activity.
  • Contains graphical panels for both System History & Network History data.
  • Helps technicians ensure that workloads are running efficiently and can immediately pinpoint problems.
Zen Linux Monitoring Features

Maintain service levels with intelligent monitoring

Syncsort Zen Linux Monitoring Benefits

Zen Linux Monitoring Benefits
  • Delivers elegance and simplicity in a two-tier browser interface.
  • Monitors the performance and availability of all Linux systems.
  • Meets demand for lower-cost computing.

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