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Syncsort Zen IP Monitor | Network management and monitoring
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Syncsort Zen IP Monitor

Full visibility into the complexities of z/OS IP networks


Immediate, comprehensive and user-friendly picture of network activity

True Real-Time Monitoring!

The Syncsort Zen IP Monitor can integrate various network management tools in a single, easy-to-use yet powerful browser-based interface./p>

A single, easy-to-use yet powerful browser-based interface

Expertly engineered

Expertly engineered

By creating a comprehensive picture of network activity in real time, the direct-stack interface in the Syncsort Zen IP Monitor provides intelligent reporting on all IP traffic, drastically simplifying network management and enhancing overall productivity with its full automation capabilities.

Traditional monitors rely on a single methodology for sourcing information. The Syncsort Zen IP Monitor sources information using the most efficient method for the task at hand, whether through IBM’s Network Management API, Syncsort’s own direct-stack interface, or control block access.

Expertly engineered to satisfy your business needs, the Syncsort Zen IP Monitor employs technology that didn’t exist when legacy products were developed.

Immediate, comprehensive and user-friendly picture of network activity

Syncsort Zen IP Monitoring Features


  • Single sign-on & simultaneous displays from all Syncsort Zen components.
  • Comprehensive context-sensitive product assistance.
  • Historical, centralized performance reports.
  • Built-in knowledge base with glossary of network terms.
  • Potential problem alerts & assists with problem diagnosis.
  • Sysplex, LPAR, and stack views of key network resources.
Zen IP Monitoring Features

Minimize the cost of system outages and maximize z/OS network ROI

Syncsort Zen IP Monitoring Benefits

Zen IP Monitoring Benefits

The Syncsort Zen IP Monitor has become the monitor of choice for many of the leading names in banking, manufacturing, and government.

  • Simplifies and optimizes mainframe network management.
  • Captures and transfers knowledge effortlessly.
  • Mitigates the risk of outages.
  • Completely scalable.
  • Dramatic cost-reduction over incumbent software.
  • Utilizes innovative, two-tier architecture which reduces costs without the need for third-party hardware or software.

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