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Syncsort Zen FTP Control | Audit and report all FTP usage
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Syncsort Zen FTP Control

Efficient monitoring and auditing of all FTP activity


Secure, audited use of ftp to minimize risk and maximize compliance

Audit and report all FTP usage!

Syncsort Zen FTP Control helps corporations increase productivity by giving them control over z/OS FTP file transfers without compromising the security of their data.

Increase productivity and ensure regulatory compliance

Gain control of z/OS FTP!

Gain control of z/OS FTP

FTP implementation in a z/OS environment can very easily leave proprietary business data exposed. Syncsort Zen FTP Control essentially eliminates these impediments, which would otherwise affect general usability and system management.

Syncsort Zen FTP Control also allows the user to regain operational control of file transfers, enhances the ability to audit and report all FTP usage, and provides clients with invaluable and secure service.

Overcomes the challenges of FTP on z/OS

Syncsort Zen FTP Control Features


  • Enables pre- and post-processing rules defined for FTP sessions to the z/OS FTP server.
  • Allows job-scheduling systems to initiate dependent jobs.
  • Confirms preparatory actions have been successfully completed.
  • Automatically sends a message alerting users of failed transfers.
  • Prevents unauthorized file tampering.
  • Monitors all inbound (Server) and outbound (Client) session activity.
  • Filters historical data by date, time, user, command or dataset.
Zen FTP Control Features

FTP monitoring designed specifically for z/OS

Syncsort Zen FTP Control Benefits

Zen FTP Control Benefits
  • Increased productivity and communication without compromising security.
  • More secure corporate data in real-time through monitoring and alerting.
  • Assistance for audits of regulatory compliance.
  • Support for automation of IBM FTP, standard with IBM z/OS.
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-interpret data.
  • Minimized resource load: has has a small footprint; allows you to choose encryption selectively.
  • Ensures that corporations meet mandated compliance obligations.

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