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Syncsort Zen EE Security | Secure your EE traffic
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Syncsort Zen EE Security

Recycle SNA investments with secure, encrypted IP technology


Reduce costs and increase security

Protect your EE traffic and ensure the integrity of business-critical datastreams.

Syncsort Zen EE Security protects business-critical data by providing optimal levels of security that IBM’s Enterprise Extender (EE) architecture alone cannot offer.

Secure EE traffic without compromising data integrity

SSL Encryption and Authentication for EE

Secure EE traffic

IBM’s EE architecture has become a strategic choice for companies wishing to preserve their investment in legacy application code. It uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) instead of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that Internet Protocol (IP), which imposes certain limitations. Syncsort Zen EE Security compensates for these limitations by ensuring that the data is fully encrypted and authenticated for any IP network.

Syncsort Zen EE Security applies the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to the SNA payload. In addition, it provides a simple, low-cost solution to the EE ‘Multiple Stack’ restriction. It routes EE traffic between IP stacks, so it can be deployed quickly without the need to modify existing IP stack configurations.

Available for all platforms where EE is available

Syncsort Zen EE Security Features


  • Enables industry-standard SSL/TLS encryption and EE usage in a multiple-IP-stack/single LPAR environment.
  • Supports industry-standard authentication via digital certificates.
  • Secures your network over a variety of network and OS configurations.
  • Eliminates potential conflicts with firewalls: no UDP packets traverse the network.
  • Supports IBM’s AT-TLS network security feature and all EE supported platforms (Windows, AIX, Linux, etc.).
  • Minimizes the use of system resources.
Zen EE Security Features

Preserve your investment in SNA applications

Syncsort Zen EE Security Benefits

Zen EE Security Benefits
  • Low-cost software alternative to expensive hardware solutions
  • Removes dependency on leased-line hardware and associated 3745 hardware and software overhead costs..
  • Reduces cost of future growth by removing reliance on aged/obsolete proprietary hardware.
  • Maintains your company's preferred networking topography.
  • Enables EE deployment securely across any network.
  • Implements solution with no disruption to core business applications.
  • Uses Digital Certificates to identity session partners.
  • Preserves your investment in SNA applications.

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