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Syncsort Zen EE Monitor | Network monitoring and management
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Syncsort Zen EE Monitor

Achieve maximum network availability with APPN/HPR & EE monitoring


Overcome the challenges of managing the mix of SNA & IP

Extend and automate EE Monitoring

Because APPN/HPR and EE carry so much business-critical application data, your network teams need access to just the right network management tools. And the solution you choose should provide the most complete picture.

Syncsort Zen EE Monitor offers your network technicians the tools and information to provide optimal levels of IT responsiveness in meeting customer needs.

Provide optimal levels of IT responsiveness to meet customer expectations

Provide the most complete picture

the most complete picture

IBM’s Enterprise Extender (EE) technology exploits an internet transport layer called the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and creates “datagrams” in which SNA High Performance Routing (HPR) frames are wrapped. This permits the transport of SNA data over an IP network. without changing either the SNA applications or the IP hardware.

However, the blend of IP and APPN/HPR technologies presents reliability and security challenges, so that traditional tools are inadequate in reliably monitoring EE networks.

Map and manage Enterprise Extender & APPN/HPR traffic routing

Syncsort Zen EE Monitoring Features


An ordinary IP monitor might provide statistical information about traffic flowing across EE ports, but it can lack performance indicators at the APPN/HPR level. Syncsort Zen EE Monitoring provides:

  • Automatic detection of APPN/HPR and EE connections.
  • Detection of VTAM settings and definitions.
  • Identification of configuration changes since the last restart.
  • Continuous monitoring of path/link availability.
  • Automatic recording of response/throughput times.
  • Automatic detection and alerting on message queues.
  • Analysis of APPN/HPR RTP routes.
Zen EE Monitoring Features

Maximum network availability

Syncsort Zen EE Monitoring Benefits

Zen EE Monitoring Benefits
  • Enables you to transition away from expensive, legacy monitoring tools.
  • Enables a smooth, quick migration to APPN/HPR.
  • Preserves your investment in business-critical mainframe legacy applications.
  • Simplifies monitoring with a powerful and user-friendly browser-based interface.
  • Minimizes cost, since no other special hardware or software is required.
  • Gets your IT staff started quickly with a simple set-up.
  • Integrates easily with other industry tools.
  • Comes with exceptional customer support.

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