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Zen Automation
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Syncsort Zen Automation

Save time, costs and skills with scheduled repetitive activities.


Completely automate your z/OS network environment

Automate network and operational tasks

Syncsort Zen Automation governs network and operational tasks with a level of efficiency that cannot be met by the expensive and outdated legacy software.

Govern network and operational tasks

Automate your z/OS network environment

One Single Package

As a 21st century alternative to products such as NetView® and NetMaster®, Syncsort Zen Automation lets you automate your z/OS network environment thoroughly while providing the flexibility to build applications tailored to your particular requirements, and while displaying information from many sources at the click of a button.

Syncsort Zen Automation will typically improve upon the capabilities provided by the products it replaces while offering substantial cost savings. Syncsort Zen Automation can be deployed rapidly, maintained simply, and used easily by all, no matter what the level of experience.

Deployed rapidly, maintained simply, and used easily by all

Syncsort Zen Automation Features


  • Automated Message Commands
  • Automated Timer Commands
  • Alert-driven commands
  • Rexx interface and ZEN Rexx Function Pack
  • Enhanced System and Network Logs, including SyslogD support (Operations functions)
  • User-definable alerts
Zen Automation Features

Replace much of the core functionality of NetView and NetMaster

ZEN Automation Benefits

ZEN Automation Benefits
  • Sends a variety of automatic actions when responding to events and exceeded thresholds, including sending email notifications and programmable responses to specific events and conditions.
  • Costs less while replacing much of the core functionality of NetView and NetMaster.
  • Utilizes technology that wasn’t available when legacy products were developed, saving CPU cycles and license fees.
  • Allows for automation based on timer, message, and alert-driver commands.
  • Includes a REXX function pack to provide even more advanced automation requirements.

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