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Syncsort ZEN Suite | Network management and security monitoring
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Meet the Zen Suite from Syncsort

For the most efficient network management & security monitoring in z/OS environments.

Overcome Your Network Monitoring Challenges!

With state-of-the-art technology that cuts costs while improving network management.

The Syncsort Zen Suite brings you specialized components to provide network monitoring, tracing, reporting, security alerting, and performance management. Customizable to meet your exact needs.

  • Replace bloated and cumbersome legacy network-management tools — at a fraction of the legacy cost.
  • Maintain your company’s service levels and the all-important continuity of your business.
  • Implement the components together or individually and operate them from an ordinary web browser.
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Full visibility into the complexities of z/OS IP network

IP Monitoring

IP Monitoring

The Syncsort Zen IP Monitor creates a comprehensive picture of network activity in real time — with intelligent reporting on all IP traffic, supporting efforts to anticipate problems and recover services.

IP network performance has become so important that sophisticated IP monitoring tools are essential for:

  • Alerts to potential problems
  • Help with problem diagnoses
  • Historical performance reports

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Get control of your APPN/HPR and Enterprise Extender network

EE Monitoring


With so much application data now being routed via EE connections, network technicians must have access to the most up-to-date information to ensure maximum business continuity.

Syncsort Zen EE Monitor helps overcome the challenges of managing the mix of SNA and IP traffic found in EE.

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EE Monitoring

Syncsort Gets Zen

Mainframe Education Webcast

Check out the Syncsort Zen Suite -- 21st Century monitoring and management tools that bring z/OS® network performance and security management to peak levels. Watch this on-demand webinar to see features and benefits of Syncsort Zen.

  • Integrate your network management tools in a single, easy-to-use yet powerful browser-based interface
  • Prevent service disruptions while optimizing network infrastructure
  • Increase productivity & ensure regulatory compliance

Defending network availability with detailed OSA analytics

OSA Monitoring

The integrity and performance of your OSAs can’t be compromised, which is why the Syncsort Zen OSA Monitor provides early warnings and exception monitoring -- clearly and concisely -- notifying you automatically of potential problems.

  • Minimizes the cost of system outages.
  • Load & Go -- quick start-up, with minimal configuration.
  • Minimizes cost -- no other special hardware or software is required to run the Syncsort Zen OSA Monitor.
  • Easy to use, providing outstanding data presentation.

Learn more about OSA Monitoring

OSA Monitoring

Monitor ALL your Linux Servers with Zen

Linux Monitoring

Linux Monitoring

The Syncsort Zen Linux Monitor gives you display panels for a wide, clear view of performance data -- from the high-level Unix Systems Summary to Linux Systems List, and from Network Summary to more detailed panels such as the Linux System Detail and Linux Process List. Then down to full details for individual processes.

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Save time, costs and skills with scheduled repetitive activities


Syncsort Zen Automation is a 21st century alternative to products such as NetView® and NetMaster®. It is guaranteed to save you money, and it features:

  • Automated Message Commands
  • Automated Timer Commands
  • Alert-driven commands
  • Rexx interface and Zen Rexx Function Pack
  • User-definable Zen menus, Zen panels and associated Help
  • Enhanced System and Network Logs, including SyslogD support (Operations functions)
  • User-definable alerts

Learn more about Automation

Syncsort Zen Automation

IPv6 Testing & Transition Made Easy

IPv6 Testing

IPv6 Testing

The Syncsort Zen Application Gateway resolves many of the challenges facing businesses as they attempt to test and implement IPv6 under z/OS. It works simply and quickly, allowing you to connect any IPv6 or IPv4 client to any IPv6 or IPv4 application over any IPv6 or IPv4 network. No need for changes in the application, the network, or the hardware. You can, for example:

  • Connect IPv6 clients to an IPv4 application
  • Connect IPv6 applications to each other over an IPv4 network
  • Connect IPv4 to IPv4 through an IPv6 “tunnel”
  • Bridge IPv6 clients and IPv4 applications via multiple stacks

Learn more about IPv6 Testing

Intelligent network analysis with faster problem resolution

Trace & Solve

The Syncsort Zen Trace & Solve component provides a fast, easy, accurate, secure method of locating and resolving problems. In SNA as well as IP traffic. Some of the highlights:

  • A simple menu-driven system for on-line trace definition, management and control
  • Simultaneous capture of multiple IP (v4 and v6) and SNA traces across multiple systems
  • Ability to browse a trace during capture
  • Trace import and export for CTRACE, libpcap, OSAENTA as well as ZTS traces
  • PC Client and 3270 interfaces provide easy access for browsing captured traces
  • Easily navigable displays provide both high and low-level trace data views

Learn more about Trace & Solve

Trace & Solve

Recycle SNA investments with secure, encrypted IP technology

EE Security

EE Security

Available for all platforms where EE is available, Syncsort Zen EE Security provides a range of security options and additional functionality that add value to the base IBM EE offering, whether in the datacenter or at the branch level (2216, Cisco SNASw, etc.).

The SSL feature in Syncsort Zen EE Security enables full SSL encryption and authentication via digital certificates, making it essential for businesses that:

  • Want to exchange information securely via EE;
  • Want to replace secure connections based on IBM’s withdrawn 3745/SNI technology;
  • Want to secure EE at the branch level.

Learn more about EE Security

Secure, audited use of FTP to minimize risk and maximize compliance

FTP Control

Get better control of z/OS FTP traffic without compromising the security of your data. Syncsort Zen FTP Control helps corporations:

  • Increase productivity without compromising security.
  • Secure corporate data in real-time via better security, monitoring, and alerting.
  • Assist with audits of regulatory compliance.
  • Automate IBM FTP monitoring and alerts, standard with IBM z/OS.
  • Benefit from a user-friendly interface with easy-to-interpret data.

Learn more about FTP Control

FTP Management

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