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Syncsort Ironstream | Mainframe Operational Intelligence for Splunk Enterprise
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Make more sense of the massive machine data piled up in your mainframe.

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Mainframes power mission-critical applications around the world. But many organizations are still flying blind, with no easy way to derive operational intelligence from the vast amounts of machine data generated by these critical systems.


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A simple, scalable, efficient approach


The line between mainframe processing and distributed-systems processing has blurred.

So why do you still have to switch back and forth between totally different systems tools in order to troubleshoot enterprise-wide problems?

It’s time for data streams from the mainframe to be as accessible as your other data streams when it comes to analytics for business intelligence and security monitoring.

Syncsort Ironstream enables you to collect and forward z/OS log data, including security data, into Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security, where you can get that true 360-degree view. Simply. In real time. Without needing specialized expertise and different monitoring systems for z/OS.


The View That Matters Most


With all your machine data, including mainframe logs, coming into Splunk software, you can now do security-event monitoring and correlation with all your systems. In real time. Giving you unprecedented operational intelligence.

Syncsort Ironstream in tandem with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security, supports a true and simplified 360-degree view.


Get a 360-degree view of all your IT systems, including mainframes!

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For decades, organizations have collected, processed, and analyzed transactional data, business ops data, security data, and network data to improve business decisions.

  • But how much do you really know about the health of the critical systems that process all your data?
  • Are they performing optimally?
  • Are they secure?
  • How can you minimize or even prevent system downtime?

Syncsort Ironstream installed with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security lets you answer these questions with confidence. That’s Splunk security. What’s more, you can do so from one monitoring system. No more switching back and forth among different tools and utilities.

Shed Light On All Your Mainframe Operational Data

Stop Flying Blind



  • Less complexity, making it easy to collect mainframe data and correlate it with data from other platforms for a 360-degree analysis. And you don’t need mainframe access or mainframe expertise in using mainframe tools.
  • Clearer Security Information, making it much easier to identify unauthorized mainframe access or other security risks.
  • Healthier IT Operations through real-time alerts to identify problems in all key environments like CICS, DB2, IMS, MQ, etc., and by monitoring transaction system performance, with views of latency, transactions per sec, exceptions and more.
  • More Effective Problem-Resolution Management with real-time views of mainframe SMF data to identify real or potential failures earlier, along with the relevant 'surrounding' information to support triage repair or prevention.
  • Higher Operational Efficiency by bringing to silo monitors new technologies that better correlate events across systems, enabling staff to resolve problems faster — "to do more with less."

More Operational Intelligence from Big Iron

Plus a 360-degree View

Operational Health

Syncsort Ironstream makes it simple to collect, transform, and securely forward mainframe logs such as SMF records (more than 40 types), Syslogs, SyslogD, RACF, Top Secret, log4j, DB2, and more into Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security, and Splunk Cloud platforms.

Users can then easily search, analyze, and visualize the data for powerful business intelligence reporting.

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