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Mainframe products: High-performance migration, opitimization & modernization
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Industry-Leading Mainframe Products

Network Management and Security Monitoring Best z/OS Sort Stream LOG/SMF Data into SPLUNK® IMS & VSA into DB2 Best zIIP Offload Database Optimization Network Management and Security Monitoring Best z/OS Sort Stream LOG/SMF Data into SPLUNK® IMS & VSA into DB2 Best zIIP Offload Database Optimization

Unlock Real-Time Operational Intelligence!

Ironstream® for Splunk Enterprise


Syncsort Ironstream makes it easier and less costly to bring operational and security log data from the mainframe into Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. It does so securely and in real time, providing total visibility into an organization’s entire IT infrastructure. It is the industry’s leading automatic forwarder of log data to the Splunk analytics platform.

Among the benefits are:

  • Less complexity, making it easy to collect mainframe data and correlate it with data from your distributed and open-source systems. And you don’t need scarce mainframer expertise or direct mainframe access.
  • Crisp, clear security information, making it easier to identify unauthorized access quickly, and to respond to it quickly.
  • Healthier IT Operations through real-time alerts for potential problems in all key environments like CICS, DB2, IMS, MQ, etc., and for monitoring transaction system performance, with views of latency, transaction rate, exceptions, and more.
  • Improved problem-resolution management thanks to real-time views of SMF data for prompt identification of real or potential failures, along with 'surrounding' information needed for triage repair or prevention.
  • Higher operational efficiency by augmenting silo monitors with new technology for fast, accurate correlation of events across systems, enabling staff to resolve problems sooner. — "To do more with less."


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The Fastest & Most Resource-Efficient Sort, Merge, Copy, Join Technology

MFX®: High-Performance Sort for z Systems

Syncsort MFX saves money:

  • Reduce billable CPU time and contain overall software costs
  • Support more processing in an LPAR and free up capacity
  • Meet SLAs/batch window to reduce risk and associated business costs
  • Delay hardware upgrades as data volumes increase


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zIIP Execution for Copy, SMS Compression & Sort Workloads in One Single Package

Meet Syncsort’s ZPSaver Suite!

ZPSaver Suite is a set of specialized utilities to offload Copy, SMS Compression and Sort jobs to zIIP processors, effectively reducing the workload on the main CPU. Included are:

  • Copy in zIIP: The only Copy solution that offloads CPU cycles to zIIP engines and executes transparently using your existing JCL and control statements. Copy-related TCB CPU time is typically reduced by up to 90% and achieves up to 25% faster elapsed times
  • Compression in zIIP: A high-performance and cost-effective alternative for SMS compression. Compression in zIIP offloads Sort & Copy of SMS compressed datasets to zIIP processors, saving up to 90% of TCB CPU time while meeting or exceeding required elapsed times
  • Sort in zIIP: A high-performance, transparent, enhanced replacement for sort processing that executes almost all sort steps on zIIP engines. Sort-related TCB CPU time is typically reduced by up to 95%

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One Single Package

Boost z/OS® Network Performance and Security for Less

Check out ZEN Suite!


ZEN components applied to your z/OS network provide network performance management, monitoring, alerting, tracing, reporting, and security — all customizable for your particular needs.

  • A no compromise network monitoring and management tool portfolio – priced to match your organization's needs.
  • Increased productivity and assurance of regulatory compliance – providing control of z/OS FTP, without compromising the security of your data.
  • Maximized network availability – with tools to ensure your network infrastructure performs optimally.

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Unleash the Power of IMS™ Data

DL/2 – Rapid, Risk-free Data Migration for IMS

Syncsort’s data migration solutions, which draw on a combined 70 years of mainframe- and data-performance expertise, provide the fastest and safest approach to move data transparently from IBM IMS to DB2® on z/OS®.

  • Rapid Delivery. Migrate data to DB2 with no need for changes to existing applications. No code to understand and update means less effort and faster delivery.
  • Transparent Data Migration. Applications continue to issue requests as before, when needed. Syncsort DL/2 retrieves the data from DB2 and delivers it back to the application as if it came from IMS/DB or VSAM.
  • Lowest Risk. No application changes mean minimum risk and zero business disruption.
  • Increased Access to Critical Information. Provides access to data previously “locked away” in IMS or VSAM, allowing organizations to combine this data with other critical sources and perform valuable analytics, reports, and other Big Data initiatives.

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Overcome the Limitations Imposed by VSAM and Exploit the Rich Features of DB2

VS/2 – Rapid migration of data from VSAM to DB2


VS/2 is a data migration and application transparency solution that enables the rapid migration of data from VSAM to DB2 with no need for application changes.

  • Improve online availability by combining batch and online workloads.
  • Access Legacy Data with Web Services based applications.
  • Integrate core data in enterprise applications with Java and .Net-based systems using DB2.
  • Enable data to be easily shared across multiple applications.
  • Leverage a the wide variety of available DB2 tools such as back-ups/re-organization tools, disaster recovery and more.

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