MFX Slashes CPU Costs While Optimizing Overall System Efficiency

Syncsort MFX has been the industry’s leading high-performance sort technology for over four decades – saving customers millions each year over competitive sort solutions.

Syncsort MFX delivers the fastest and most resource-efficient mainframe sort, copy, join technology available, and is the only mainframe sort solution that offloads CPU cycles to zIIP engines. Syncsort MFX yields a significant ROI with a unique combination of high performance, dynamic optimization of system resources and ease-of-use.

Meet Syncsort MFX ZPCopy

For more than 40 years, Syncsort’s industry-leading mainframe sort technology has provided the highest performance, efficiency and ease-of-use for mainframe applications. Now Syncsort MFX ZPCopy can offload almost all your Copy Job CPU cycles to zIIP.

Syncsort MFX ZPCopy  is designed to execute almost all of your Copy Jobs on zIIP engines and deliver the fastest and most resource-efficient Copy technology available.  It is the only Copy solution that offloads CPU cycles to zIIP engines and executes transparently with your current JCL and control statements.

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Superior Performance, Efficiency & Simple to Deploy

  • Significantly reduce Elapsed time – up to 25%
  • Significantly reduce TCB CPU time – up to 95%
  • Offload CPU cycles to zIIP engines
  • Utilize Parallel Processing for I/O with PAV

With no changes required to your COPY applications' JCL or control statements!


See How Much You Can Save with Our Free ROI Assessment Service!

ZPCopy frees up your mainframe’s TCB time and lowers costs.  And now you can find out quickly just how much money ZPCopy can save you with our free ROI assessment service.  This service enables you to:

  • Measure Copy processing TCB time and estimate the benefits of adding ZPCopy
  • Read and interpret the appropriate System Management Facility records
  • Report on resources consumed by Copy functions
  • List the most resource-intensive Copy steps
  • Project the resource savings that can be achieved by using ZPCopy

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