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Solve your organization’s greatest global data quality challenges with Trillium Software

Syncsort EZ-DB2 Goes Beyond Traditional

A Gartner Data Quality Magic Quadrant Leader. Again.

Learn how a leading data quality solution can help you achieve your long-term strategic objectives

Trillium Software System

Improve data quality and make better business decisions

Data Quality: Trillium Software System

Your business success depends on accurate data. But often, critical business information is trapped in separate silos, recorded in unstandardized formats, and is inaccessible to those who need it most. This diminishes the quality of your customer experiences, hinders operational efficiency and threatens regulatory compliance.

The Trillium Software System rapidly transforms your data into trusted business information to support strategic initiatives across your organization such as data governance, customer 360, Big Data, data enrichment & validation, and more.

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Trillium Cloud

Experience the power of an enterprise data quality solution and reap its benefits within 30 days

Looking for a proven enterprise data quality solution without the financial and administrative burdens of the infrastructure needed to support it?

Trillium Cloud combines our industry-leading data quality platform with the deployment ease and operational flexibility of a Trillium-administered, hardened, secure Cloud environment. Our world-class professional services organization will help you begin to see the benefits of this proven solution within 30 days.

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Data Quality: Trillium Cloud

Ensure data quality in Hadoop

TS Quality for Hadoop

Data Quality: TS Quality for Hadoop

To power your Big Data initiatives with valuable business information, you need a proven data quality solution that can manage the full scope of your organization’s data today and in the future. Trillium Software empowers you to rapidly derive business value from high-volume disparate data sets.

TS Quality for Hadoop is architected to run natively in Hadoop, ensuring all of your business information is integrated, fit-for-purpose and accessible across the enterprise.

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Gain a clear, accurate and complete customer view with trusted, enriched data

Trillium Precise


Today’s customer-centric, digital enterprises need to validate, verify and enrich data about the primary communications channels used to interact with their customers. They also need information that informs analytics about customers to increase the effectiveness of segmentation and targeting efforts.

Trillium Precise provides valuable data enrichment, validation and verification services for your most requested third-party data sources including email, phone (landline and mobile), postal address and internet connectivity.

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Data Quality: Trillium Precise

Trillium Global Locator

Integrate accurate postal address and geodata from anywhere in the world into your business apps

Data Quality: Trillium Global Locator

Supporting the growing number of digital business model strategies that many enterprises are embarking upon makes location information for people, places and things essential. Seamlessly incorporating this information accelerates integration between digital and physical in an omnichannel world.

Trillium Global Locator integrates real-time address validation and latitude/longitude geocoding data into any enterprise application that can benefit from rapid, precise location-based information.

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