Meet Syncsort DMX:
A Smarter Approach to Data Integration

Accelerate Data Integration performance, eliminate manual coding, and reduce total cost of ownership to capitalize on the opportunities of Big Data.

DMX is full-featured data integration software that helps organizations extract, transform and load more data in less time, with less money and fewer resources!

  • Process data 10x faster than other data integration solutions
  • Easily scale to support growing data volumes
  • Eliminate manual coding and performance tuning
  • Lower data integration TCO by up to 65%

DMX is Smarter Data Integration!

Collect, process and integrate more data in less time, while reducing the total cost and complexity of your data integration environment

DMX reduces the cost and complexity of data integration by freeing up database capacity, delivering up to 10x faster performance, and eliminating the need for manual coding and tuning.
Smarter Data Integration means faster data processing with less hardware and IT resources, to harness the opportunities of Big Data.


Smarter Data Integration - Free Up Your Database!

Underperforming ETL tools have forced many IT developers to push transformations down to the database, adding complexity and requiring massive investments in additional database capacity. DMX brings all data transformations into a high-performance, in-memory ETL engine. Transformations are processed on the fly, eliminating the need for costly database staging areas or manually pushing transformations to the database.


Smarter Data Transformations for 10x Faster Performance

Most ETL tools implement only few algorithms to deal with data transformations. DMX packages a library of hundreds of smart algorithms to deal with the most demanding data integration transformations and functions, including sorting, aggregating, joining, parsing, hashing, and pattern-matching.
Users typically experience up to 10x faster elapsed processing times than conventional data integration tools and up to 25x faster than hand-coding approaches with linear scalability to support rapid data growth and changing business requirements.


Smarter ETL Optimizer – No Tuning Required, Simply Faster!

DMX is the only data integration tool with a Smart ETL Optimizer. Conventional data integration tools are manual and static, with every change requiring constant tuning to maintain performance SLAs. By contrast, DMX dynamically selects the most efficient algorithms based on the data structures and system attributes it encounters at run-time. The ETL optimizer automatically adapts and optimizes itself to the exact characteristics of any particular job and system.
A Smart ETL Optimizer means you always get maximum performance with minimum CPU and memory utilization, out-of-the-box, allowing you to shift your most skilled developers to more value-added activities.


Smarter I/O for Faster Data Connectivity

Every ETL process is ultimately I/O bound, especially at the end points of a job: extracting the data from the source and loading it into the target. Unlike any other ETL tool, DMX incorporates Smart I/O capabilities for many file systems and storage systems (e.g. storage array networks). Smart I/O bypasses the operating system buffer cache enabling a more efficient transfer of larger blocks of data. The results are faster data transfers with less CPU utilization.
DMX provides high-performance connectivity to virtually any source and target, including all major RDBMS systems, MPP appliances, flat files, XML files, HDFS, mainframe sources, and more.


Smarter Compression

Large data volumes can have a negative impact on performance by increasing not only disk read/write access, but also network I/O. DMX solves this problem by incorporating smart compression algorithms.
DMX offers high-performance compression for reading and writing data files. In addition, DMX incorporates unique technology to compress temporary work space, enabling significant savings for large data volumes.


Smarter Metadata & Metadata Interchange Capabilities

DMX provides smarter, file-based metadata capabilities that provide greater visibility into data flows, facilitating development, reusability, and impact analysis.
In addition, DMX provides powerful Metadata Interchange capabilities to bi-directionally exchange metadata with other applications, making it easy to “snap” DMX alongside existing data integration environments to seamlessly accelerate performance, eliminate constant tuning, and facilitate regulatory compliance.
Smarter Metadata means increased flexibility with no dependencies on third-party systems such as relational databases.


Smarter Mainframe Connectivity & Data Transformation

Most large organizations still rely on mainframe to run their core applications, generating massive amounts of transaction data every day. Neglecting this data can result in missed business opportunities. Unfortunately, collecting, transforming and processing mainframe data is not trivial and most ETL tools don’t even support native mainframe connectivity.
DMX leverages decades of mainframe experience, to help you extract more value from your mainframe data. DMX provides high-performance connectivity to move data in and out of the mainframe. Moreover, mainframe users can use the FilePort utility to automatically transform mainframe data to UNIX format and vice versa.  The data to be converted can contain any combination of character, decimal, packed decimal and binary fields. FilePort runs on all major UNIX systems.


Smarter Mainframe Re-hosting – JCL Sort Cards and More!

DMX provides high-performance sort and data integration capabilities, critical for successful mainframe re-hosting projects, including seamless integration with leading re-hosting solutions for migrating applications off the mainframe. With DMX there is no need to convert JCL sort cards, the migrated applications can immediately benefit from DMX regardless of the sort engine used on the mainframe.
In addition to a wide range of high-performance transformations and ETL functions, DMX also provides EDBCDIC to ASCII conversion, comprehensive file manipulation and data synchronization functionality.

Syncsort DMX Technical White Paper

A detailed look at the technology inside DMX

Learn how DMX can help you collect and process more data, in less time, and with fewer resources. No coding, no tuning, just faster data integration!