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Ironcluster: Hadoop ETL For Amazon AWS
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Ironcluster® Hadoop ETL

The First and Only Hadoop ETL App available in the AWS Marketplace

DMX-h Release 8

Blazingly FAST. Infinitely SCALABLE!

Unleash the full potential of Amazon EMR with Ironcluster Hadoop ETL!

Ironcluster delivers the Hadoop ETL functionality you need for Amazon EMR, enabling you to fast-track your productivity and deliver results quickly.


Smarter Productivity in the Cloud

The Perfect Match for Amazon EMR

Get started and fully productive with Amazon EMR in minimum time with Ironcluster -- the Hadoop ETL solution for Amazon customers! Amazon EMR can be the ideal platform to quickly and cost-effectively execute common tasks - such as click-stream data, web logs, change-data-capture, lookups, hash joins, and more - with vast amounts of data. Ironcluster includes a library of Use Case Accelerators to give developers a head start to quickly deploy these, and other use cases in the Amazon Cloud.

Users can also leverage the accelerators as building blocks to deploy even more sophisticated data flows, making it the perfect tool to maximize your productivity on Amazon EMR.

Smarter Connectivity for Hadoop

Unleash Hadoop’s potential with high-performance connectivity

Smarter ETL starts with the right connectivity to leverage all your data. Unleash Hadoop’s potential with high-performance connectivity to move data into and out of Hadoop from virtually any system - from mainframe, to Hadoop and everything in between, including Amazon Redshift and S3. All with the same tool and without writing a single line of code.

Feed only the right data into Hadoop. With Ironcluster's Hadoop ETL features, you can sort, cleanse, partition and compress the data before loading into HDFS on Amazon EMR. Multiple streams of data are loaded simultaneously into HDFS.

Smarter Connectivity

Smarter Development for Even Faster Cloud Deployments

Design once and reuse many times

Smarter Development

You stood up your Hadoop cluster in almost no time with Amazon EMR, but you don’t know MapReduce, Java, Hive or Pig. Now what? Fear not! With Ironcluster, you can develop complex data flows in Microsoft Windows, through a template-based graphical user interface, without writing a single line of code. Design once and reuse many times.

No need to learn complex MapReduce skills – Java, Hive, or Pig. Simply leverage the same ETL skills your organization already has. All the jobs run natively within the Hadoop framework using Syncsort's zero code generation engine.

A Smarter Architecture for a Smarter Cloud

Easily deployed on every data node of your Amazon EMR environment

Originally designed for Hadoop, Ironcluster runs as an integral part of the MapReduce framework within Amazon EMR. Hadoop automatically invokes the highly efficient Syncsort runtime engine, which executes on all nodes in the cluster.

Ironcluster has a very small footprint with no dependencies on third-party systems like a RDBMS, compiler, or application server. Therefore, Ironcluster can easily be deployed on every data node of your Amazon EMR environment.

Smarter Architecture

Smarter Economics with a Highly Disruptive Price Point

A sensible addition to your Amazon EMR deployment

Smarter Economics

Ironcluster's price makes it a sensible addition to your Amazon EMR deployment. Get started quickly with advanced Hadoop ETL with a free full-featured license for up to 10 nodes.

Riding the Big Data wave? No worries, scale out your cluster at a disruptively low price and get results in less time and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Smarter Resources & Support to Get You Productive Fast

Get the most out of Ironcluster!

Syncsort is committed to ensuring that you have the right resources and support to make Ironcluster a home run for your Hadoop environment. We encourage you to take advantage of the following resources to ensure you get the most out of Ironcluster!

Smarter Resources

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