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Syncsort Big Data Software : DMX-h for Hadoop
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The best end-to-end approach for offloading legacy workloads into Hadoop

DMX-h Release 8

Break Free from Hadoop Complexity!

Collect, Prepare, Blend, Transform & Distribute Data Seamlessly with DMX-h

Syncsort DMX-h is specifically designed to remove barriers to mainstream Hadoop adoption and deliver the best approach for shifting heavy workloads from expensive data warehouses and mainframes into Hadoop.



Harness the Power of Hadoop with DMX-h!

A Better Approach to Big Data.

Harness the Power of Hadoop with DMX-h 8.0!

Syncsort DMX-h was designed from the ground up for Hadoop - combining a long history of innovation with significant contributions Syncsort has made to improve Apache Hadoop.

  • DMX-h is deployed as part of the Hadoop Cluster
  • Delivers everything you need to collect, prepare, blend, transform and distribute data with Hadoop - nothing more, nothing less
  • Facilitates adoption and development of Hadoop jobs with a design once, deploy anywhere approach
  • Packages industrial-grade capabilities to deploy, manage, monitor and secure your Hadoop environment

Data Collection

Build Your Enterprise Data Hub with One-step Access to All Your Data.

Syncsort DMX-h provides all the connectivity you need – including mainframe and legacy sources – to build your enterprise data hub.

  • Collect virtually any data from mainframe to Big Data and NoSQL sources
  • Access, re-format and load data directly into Avro & Parquet. No staging required
  • Load more data into Hadoop in less time. Let DMX-h dynamically split the data and load it to HDFS in parallel
  • Access mainframe data using Sqoop. DMX-h leverages Syncsort's recent contributions to Apache Sqoop to deliver seamless access and translation of mainframe data.
  • Using Spark? DMX-h is also certified for Spark. This means you can use the Spark API to access mainframe data and the associated COBOL COPYBOOKS, to understand, translate and securely load it directly into Spark
Data Collection

Data Preparation

Get Ready for Analytics

Data Preparation

Syncsort DMX-h helps you accelerate development and execution of costly data preparation tasks, enabling teams to achieve significant time and productivity savings. Don't waste your time doing mundane stuff, leave that to Syncsort.

  • Prepare your data on-the-fly at lightning speeds before loading into Hadoop
  • Increase data compression ratios by up to 10x
  • Achieve significant storage savings

Data Blending

Find Bigger Insights by Combining New and Legacy Data.

Blending data - legacy or new, big or small, with or without Hadoop - just got a lot easier with DMX-h. Syncsort DMX-h brings:

  • Enhanced support for mainframe, legacy and Big Data sources
  • A no-code approach to efficiently join datasets with maximum performance and highest resource efficiency.
  • A common user experience across single and distributed environments to create your own data blends without worrying about mappers, reducers; big or small sides. All with consistent, sustainable performance.


Get the fastest, most efficient data joins with no code to generate, compile, maintain or tune!

Data Blending

Data Transformation

Design Once & Deploy Anywhere!

Data Transformation

Syncsort DMX-h introduces an intelligent execution layer that allows users to design sophisticated data transformations, focusing solely on business rules, not on the underlying platform or execution framework. With DMX-h you can:

  • Visually design data transformations once, and run anywhere
  • Achieve sustainable performance with no changes or tuning required
  • Intelligent Execution Layer dynamically optimizes the job for each platform: Hadoop, Windows, Unix, Linux or Cloud
  • Isolate users from the underlying complexities of Hadoop and its multiple execution frameworks, including but not limited to MapReduce, Spark, and Tez
  • Future-proof your applications

Distribute Your Data

Achieve the Fastest Path from Raw Data to Insight.

Syncsort DMX-h delivers a complete, end-to-end approach to collect, prepare, blend, transform and distribute data. DMX-h makes it easier than ever to distribute your data by loading aggregated datasets to all major MPP appliances or directly feeding it to your favorite data visualization tool.

  • Create Tableau & Qlikview files with one click
  • Achieve the fastest data loads without tuning hassles:
    • Fastest parallel loads to Greenplum, Netezza, Teradata, Vertica, Oracle and more
    • High-performance connectivity to Big Data & NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, Hbase & MongoDB
Distribute Your Data

Make it Enterprise Ready!

Achieve the Fastest Path from Raw Data to Insight.

Syncsort DMX-h is a light-weight, highly efficient software, yet it packages comprehensive, industrial-grade capabilities required for wider Hadoop adoption and large-scale deployments within the enterprise, including:

  • Full integration with Cloudera Manager and Apache Ambari
  • Web-based management console
  • Tight integration with HCatalog
  • Faster throughput per node
  • No-hassle support for Kerberos and LDAP
  • Secure mainframe data access through FTPS and Connect:Direct
  • Support for all major Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Apache Hadoop, and Pivotal HD

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