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Syncsort Big Data Software : DMX Change Data Capture (CDC)
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DMX Change Data Capture

The Simple, Fast & Efficient Solution for Keeping Your Data Lake Fresh

Syncsort DMX Change Data Capture
Syncsort DMX Change Data Capture

Power Real-Time Analytics with the Latest Data

Reflect Changes on Your Cluster as Soon as They Happen

Organizations with mainframes are bringing that data into Hadoop to analyze it with other important data sources in a cost-effective, scalable manner. However, as soon as the data lake is populated, it quickly becomes out of date, as mainframe applications continue to update, delete and insert new data.

DMX Change Data Capture (CDC) continually keeps Hadoop data in sync with changes made on the mainframe, so the most current Big Data information is available in the data lake for analytics.

  • Work with the most up-to-date information for downstream analytics
  • Meet short SLAs with simple and quick synchronization of mainframe data with Hadoop
  • Save time and resources with graphical design and dynamic optimization
  • Maintain optimal performance and preserve expensive CPU resources on the mainframe
  • Reliably restart right from where you left off if connectivity is lost on either side


Syncsort DMX Change Data Capture

Single, End-to-End Solution Captures Changes and Updates Hadoop in Real Time

Quick, Efficient & Easy to Use

Syncsort DMX Change Data Capture

Some of the world’s largest enterprises rely on Syncsort to access data from traditional enterprise systems and integrate it with Hadoop, including a single-click solution that populates the data lake from thousands of tables and automatically creates the corresponding metadata in Hadoop.
CDC delivers additional capabilities to significantly extend Syncsort’s market-leading mainframe access and integration functionality.

  • Captures changes on the mainframe and rapidly updates Hive table data and statistics
  • Works with all enterprise Hive file formats including, text, ORC, Avro and Parquet
  • Robust data transfer – no restart required during dropped connections or Hadoop cluster failures
  • Deployed on premises or in the cloud
  • No coding or tuning
  • No database triggers
  • Extremely low CPU usage on the mainframe

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