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Featured Technology Alliance Partner: Tableau

About Tableau

Tableau is on a mission to help people see and understand data. People need the power of data at their fingertips. Tableau is building software to deliver exactly that. Their products are transforming the way people use data to solve problems. Tableau makes analyzing data fast and easy, beautiful and useful. It’s software for anyone and everyone.

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The combined Syncsort and Tableau solution enables customers to access data from virtually any source including Social, Cloud, Mainframe, Hadoop, XML, RDBMS, and more. This helps users easily collect, process and deliver data directly into Tableau for interactive analytics and visualization.

Syncsort with Tableau delivers an end-to-end, agile solution for data integration, discovery and visualization. Syncsort developed unique technology to easily blend data coming from virtually any data source and generate a Tableau data extract (TDE). This allows developers as well as business users to quickly get the data they need and feed it directly into Tableau.

Watch our video to learn how to get from data blending to data visualization in just 1 click!