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Syncsort and Cloudera
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Syncsort and Cloudera

Best-of-breed data management platform and open data governance solution

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Featured Hadoop Alliance Partner: Cloudera

Flexible, Scalable, and Cost-effective

Syncsort and Cloudera provide an enterprise-ready Hadoop platform that is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective – an integrated solution to derive bigger insights for all your enterprise data.

Syncsort integrates with Cloudera Navigator

Watch the Video: Syncsort DMX-h and Cloudera Navigator

We collaborate extensively to integrate, test and validate our technologies, including integration with Cloudera Manager, Sentry and Cloudera Navigator, to provide our customers a best-of-breed data management platform and open data governance solution.

First-of-its-kind reference architecture

Data Warehouse Optimization – ETL Offload Reference Architecture

Syncsort and Cloudera have teamed with other Big Data technology leaders to make it even easier to deploy two popular use cases for Hadoop – Data Warehouse Optimization and Mainframe Offload to Hadoop.

The Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort Data Warehouse Optimization – ETL Offload Reference Architecture is a first-of-its-kind reference architecture brings together the components of complete Big Data and analytics environments in turnkey solutions that are easy to order, quick to deploy and easy to scale. Dell is working with Syncsort to integrate its market-leading, powerful and easy-to-use Hadoop ETL software, DMX-h, with Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub as part of a new reference architecture to help organizations begin their Big Data journey. This new solution enables customers to offload ETL workloads to Hadoop, increasing performance and freeing up valuable cycles in the EDW.

Offload the Mainframe to Hadoop

An innovative solution to help migrate mainframe data and batch applications

Syncsort and Cloudera have partnered with Cognizant to deliver an innovative solution to help organizations migrate their mainframe data and batch applications from high-cost mainframe environments to a cost-effective & high-performance Hadoop platform.

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