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Whether They Have Big Data, Small Data, or Anything In-between!

And our data integration customers love us. Some of the most innovative and successful companies in the world rely on Syncsort.

"We generated a payback in just 18 months. We were able to show our client our willingness to invest in technology to continuously improve and actually lower their price. We couldn't have done this without Syncsort DMX."

                                              --- Ian Coupland, Operations Manager, Experian
“We need an environment that supports agile development and rapid delivery of information.  Time to deployment and the ability to do file-based processing was important to us. DMExpress was fast and efficient.”

                                             -- Sam Peterson, SVP Technology, Overstock.com
"Syncsort allows us to reduce the time required to process large batch applications by 50 percent, and reduces costs by 80 percent."

                                             -- Brad Smith, Systems Analyst, Acxiom
"We were previously using a DB2 select to complete processing, but this was taking about four to five hours to run. By using MFX’s Join Facility, the application takes about a half hour."

                                            -- Ed Chu, Database Administrator, ICBC Insurance
"Whether it’s processing big data or small data, we are impressed with MFX’s performance. It is fast as well as reliable, and makes it easy to write scripts."

  -- John Barron, Assistant Principal, Revenue Commissioners

"It all depended on our ability to get the data sorted, aggregated and ready in the timeframe they’d come to expect: 6 a.m. Monday morning. And with Syncsort, we were able to achieve that."

-- Sallie Cottingham, Project Manager, Tennessee Department of Human Services

"Syncsort is giving us low-cost, high-performance Big data integration. And the ability to compete using analytics is giving us a competitive edge over our larger competitors."

-- Troy Freet, Database Adminstrator, Silverton Casino Lodge
"What was taking us 18 hours through our old process now takes us only three hours."

              -- Chris McCaffrey, Managing Director of Data Warehousing, SDI

"With this level of speed, and because a heavy burden is not placed on the system, user departments can do processing and obtain the results whenever they wish. This means they do not have to wait another night or another week, and I think the resulting improvement in work efficiency is significant."

-- Mr. Haruhika Hashimoto, Head of the Data Systems Group, Kojima

"Big data is the heart of our business — and we couldn’t process it without Syncsort. We evaluated other products. Syncsort was clearly superior."

-- Michael Wood, Operations Development Director, Kantar Worldpanel

"We turned to Syncsort because there was so much data, and we just needed the performance."

                          -- Bruce Crawford, Lead Systems Engineer, ViPS, CMS

"It simply works! DMX is truly an unsung hero in our IT infrastructure. We have experienced zero downtime with DMExpress and are yet to raise a service call after nearly two years of continuous high-demand usage."

                   -- Peter Chapman, SMART IS program manager, Co-operative

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“Because of the dramatic performance of DMX, we could add additional levels of aggregation and still stay within our time constraints.”

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“With DMX, our people are seeing key data much sooner, which is improving their decisions. Now we can support the business intelligence reporting that our users have been seeking.”

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“Whether it’s processing big data or small data, we are impressed with MFX’s performance. It is fast as well as reliable, and makes it easy to write scripts.”

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