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We value our customers’ feedback! Your input is critical in our mission to power the world’s data-intensive organizations to ask the BIG questions by making the hard easy and the impossible routine. That is why we make it a priority to bring our customers into our product development process.

Working Closely Together

Through the Syncsort Customer Advisory Board (CAB), our customers provide valuable, real-world insights and input on everything we do – and we listen!

Participating CAB members and Syncsort strategic team members work closely together to guide key development initiatives, investigate and discuss changing business drivers, and identify and characterize future strategic needs, while understanding the product and technology implications.
We meet with our CAB members once a year in person and two to three times a year virtually.

Membership Has It’s Benefits.

  • Increased involvement and influence over Syncsort’s DI solutions, roadmap and vision
  • Expanded access to key Syncsort resources, executives and experts
  • Improved networking, best practices learning and innovation through communication and collaboration with leaders and peers