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Over 50% of the world’s mainframes rely on Syncsort for the most critical applications, now you can rely on us too. Everything you loved about Circle, plus the support and resources of the most trusted 3rd party software for mainframe.

Mainframe Migration Made Easy.

Circle solutions help organizations eliminate risk and overcome the key challenges of data migration, providing a completely transparent solution to move IBM Information Management System (IMS) and Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) to DB2 ON z/OS without requiring any application changes. It’s the fastest, safest approach to moving your mission-critical data!


Migrate Data from IMS/DB to DB2

Moving IMS/DB based applications to DB2® is often dismissed because the cost and risks of data migration and application modification are simply too great. DL/2 overcomes this migration challenge with a low risk, accelerated delivery approach.

With DL/2, application programs remain unchanged, and that means full protection of your application investments. Powerful mapping and migration tools get you to DB2 quickly, one IMS/DB database at a time. Applications continue to issue IMS/DB requests, but where requested data has been migrated to DB2, DL/2 retrieves it and delivers it back to the application as if it came from IMS/DB. The combined overhead of DB2 and moving to the transparency layer is typically less than 15%.

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Migrate Data from VSAM to DB2

VS/2 is a data migration and application transparency solution that enables the rapid migration of data from VSAM to DB2 without application changes. VS/2 helps customers overcome the limitations imposed by VSAM and benefit from the rich features provided by DB2. With VS/2 you can:

  • Improve online availability by combining batch and online workloads
  • Access legacy data with Web services based applications
  • Integrate core data in enterprise applications with Java and .Net based systems using DB2
  • Enable data to be shared across multiple applications
  • Leverage a wide variety of DB2 tools for back-up, re-organization, disaster recovery, and more
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Discover the Benefits:

  • Rapid Delivery. Migrate data to DB2 without making any changes to existing applications. No code to understand and update means less effort and faster delivery.
  • Transparent Data Migration. Applications continue to issue requests as before, when needed Circle technology retrieves the data from DB2 and delivers it back to the application as if it came from IMS/DB or VSAM.
  • Lowest Risk. No application changes means minimum risk and zero business disruption.
  • Increased Access to Critical Information. Get access to data previously “locked away” in IMS and/or VSAM, allowing you to combine this data with other critical sources and perform valuable analytics, generate reports, and execute on other Big Data initiatives.
  • Reduced Costs. Reduce overall maintenance costs and increase IT staff productivity by consolidating all your critical data into the DB2 platform.

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