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Syncsort: William Data Systems
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William Data Systems is part of Syncsort!

Plug Mainframe network monitoring & security data into Big Data platforms


Zen Suite

Overcome Your Network Monitoring Challenges!

Finally…a network monitoring and management tool portfolio that saves you money

William Data Systems, now part of the Syncsort family, offers an innovative portfolio of network monitoring, management & security tools that allow organizations to run mainframe networks efficiently and securely.

William Data


Leadership in mainframe software

Syncsort’s industry leading mainframe software products

Leadership in Mainframe software

The acquisition builds on Syncsort’s leadership in mainframe software with products such as:

  • MFX, which lowers costs while improving system efficiency
  • The new ZPSaver Suite, which offloads CPU intensive tasks to specialty zIIP engines
  • DL/2, which allows customers to migrate data from IMS to DB2 without changing existing applications

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z/OS cost saving technology for reduced annual costs with improved network management functionality

ZEN - the suite of management tools that boosts z/OS® network performance and security.

ZEN offers a selection of specialized components that provide network performance management, monitoring, alerting, tracing, reporting and security, tailored to match your unique needs.

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Check out ZEN

Discover the Benefits

Proactively prevent service disruptions with higher performance and lower cost.

Proactively prevent service disruptions with higher performance and lower cost.

Key benefits of William Data Systems’ solutions include:

  • Maintaining Business Continuity – allowing customers to identify and solve network and application problems early and quickly
  • A no compromise network monitoring and management tool portfolio – priced to make sense for your organization's needs
  • Increased productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance – providing control of z/OS FTP, without compromising the security of your data
  • Maximization of network availability – providing tools to ensure your network infrastructure performs optimally

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